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Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Part 3

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Enter Takyiwa. Always a pleasure to work with, she lent more energy to my creative zone. The catch of this part was that we had to move to a different part of campus after a little altercation with campus security. Where’s the fun without a little drama?


Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Part 2

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Part 2 focused more on Tasha. At this point I was immersed in my creative zone.

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Early Rise With Dzatapuss

Cats are interesting creatures. I made a few portraits of my ginger and white tom named Dzatapuss (“dzata” in the Ewe language means “lion” so he is literally called Lionpuss!) as he curled up in a ball in the early morning. The camera clicks roused him and he obliged to a few shots before sauntering away onto the rooftop.