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Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Wrap-Up

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Part 3


I know I know, I did say it’s a 3 part series. However I cannot leave out the colleague creatives I went with. I certainly enjoyed working with them. Setor, Emefa and Kay, let’s do this again. I know I can count on you no matter the weather. Special thanks to Korkor who lent us her lawn and patio after our brush with security. Enjoy the few behind-the-scenes photos I took and some other interesting shots.



Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Part 3

To catch up on previous uploads click Part 1 and Part 2.

Enter Takyiwa. Always a pleasure to work with, she lent more energy to my creative zone. The catch of this part was that we had to move to a different part of campus after a little altercation with campus security. Where’s the fun without a little drama?

Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Part 2

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this photography series kindly click here.

Part 2 focused more on Tasha. At this point I was immersed in my creative zone.

For the 3rd part of this series, click here.

Imagine the Crowd: Maiden Photo-walk Part 1

On Saturday 26th August, Imagine the Crowd had its first photo-walk on the the campus of University of Ghana, Legon. Overcast weather dampened the mood a little as only 4 of us from the collective turned up.

Before I go any further, Imagine the Crowd is a creative collective I curate with the hopes of having a fraternity of photography and cinematography enthusiasts.

My uploads focus primarily on the portraits I made on the walk of the models. It will be a three part series (because someone got trigger-happy)

This first part details  portraits of our couple models and real-life couple Tasha and Zeke.

For the second part of this series click here.



From Queensland to Obuoba

I have lived at Nungua-Buade for the better part of a decade now. When you get used to a place you sometimes forget some of the things that make it beautiful. The road from Queensland School to Nungua Addo-Gonnno used to be the preferred route when getting to Barrier because it was less muddier and more even than the main route. The construction of the gates to seclude Regimanuel Gray Estates (due to incessant armed robbery activities) and the tarring of the Nungua-Buade roads have made it less trodden than in years gone by.

I have made portraits starting from the alleyway near my home thru to Queensland School to the Obuoba Gardens


Tema: A homecoming (Of sorts)

Featured image is the front of the Killer Z Gym (in colour) where I made some unlikely new friends 


I was born in Tema and spent the first 12 years of my life in this city. It always remains a part of me and I would never miss an opportunity to share some of the sights of my city. Toeing the line of nostalgia, I would also say so much has changed, yet the old city still persists with the new.

I have tried as much as possible to show you as much of the old that remains along the myopic route I took. Through Community 2 to Community 6, some of my old haunts (I used to roam a lot with my brother) and a sliver of new developments all in black & white.

I would definitely return to make a more encompassing documentary. For now though, this will have to do.

Sea spray and factory smoke

Fills my lungs

A city born in industry

Swelling into prominence


Potpourri of cultures and beliefs

A little Liverpool but more Manchester

A city by the sea



Hosting the centre of the world



And downright determination

This is my city

Where the new lives with the old

This is my home

Full of memories and the art of building tomorrow

Forged in industry

Striving for glory

This is Tema!

© Sena Frost ‘17



From Fodome-Woe With Love

Over the weekend I was in my hometown Fodome-Woe near Hohoe in the Volta Region to bury my late uncle. It had been a while since I last visited and the first time I was visiting as a photographer. So much had changed from when I used to visit growing up, yet its quiet charm forever remains the same.

Naturally I took the opportunity to take photos of some of the rustic community that is my hometown.

All photos were made with a Canon 700D with a 18-55mm kit lens.


Boar hunting on the banks of the Blekese

I woke up this morning with an unusual itch. I wanted to take photos of pigs. There is this stream named the Blekese which runs right behind my house. It is the feeding ground of pigs reared by people in the neighbourhood.  Armed with a 50mm lens (I know I know, hardly appropriate for this sort of photography) I went out to shoot.

My goal was simple; find the black boar who seems to be the leader of this herd. Unfortunately I did not find him.It took a while to find the other pigs, but I found a couple of other interesting albeit depressing things about my neighbourhood.

The issue of shantytowns (there is one on the banks of the stream) and refuse is a deplorable one. I tried my best to take out the human element. That would be tackled in a separate adventure.

Enjoy the gallery below though!