Boar hunting on the banks of the Blekese

I woke up this morning with an unusual itch. I wanted to take photos of pigs. There is this stream named the Blekese which runs right behind my house. It is the feeding ground of pigs reared by people in the neighbourhood.  Armed with a 50mm lens (I know I know, hardly appropriate for this sort of photography) I went out to shoot.

My goal was simple; find the black boar who seems to be the leader of this herd. Unfortunately I did not find him.It took a while to find the other pigs, but I found a couple of other interesting albeit depressing things about my neighbourhood.

The issue of shantytowns (there is one on the banks of the stream) and refuse is a deplorable one. I tried my best to take out the human element. That would be tackled in a separate adventure.

Enjoy the gallery below though!



Early Rise With Dzatapuss

Cats are interesting creatures. I made a few portraits of my ginger and white tom named Dzatapuss (“dzata” in the Ewe language means “lion” so he is literally called Lionpuss!) as he curled up in a ball in the early morning. The camera clicks roused him and he obliged to a few shots before sauntering away onto the rooftop.